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INPACT International is an alliance of independent accountancy firms which offer clients a full range of services in many countries. INPACT is well established in Europe and the Americas and is growing fast in the Pacific basin and other regions.

One of the aims of INPACT is to ensure that member clients can draw on members' local technical expertise, while also availing themselves of the vast international resources of the total network.

Partners of member firms throughout INPACT meet regularly on a national and international basis. By fostering solid relationships and developing an awareness of different working practices and business cultures, INPACT members can optimize their effectiveness to clients and, working together, can achieve a high standard of service delivery.

P & P ADVISORY SERVICES takes pride in being a member of INPACT International, a network of over 160+ members in over 60 countries ready to serve your needs.

We invite you to visit INPACT International's internet web site or you may contact their offices directly:

INPACT International
Tavistock House South Tavistock Square
London,WC1H 9LG
Tel: +44 (0)20 7387 4741
Fax: +44 (0)20 7387 4715
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Global Representation

INPACT began with a European perspective in 1989, later affiliating with a like minded network of CPA firms in the Americas. Growing links with practices in Asia Pacific means that INPACT provides excellent global representation.

What INPACT member firms and their clients say about the network:

A US based stationery company looking to expand operations...
"Having realised excellent sales in the US with some success in Europe, I am now in the UK to oversee further expansion of my stationery business and so an accountancy firm with excellent international connections was a real must. They have advised on compliance - setting up a branch operation of the Californian based company, and tax planning. Through liaison with US investment advisers and lawyers they have also been able to provide practical advice on immigration and ensure I am going in the right direction and maximising all available opportunities."
Meredithe d'Arcy, Meri Meri Inc. (UK) - San Mateo, CA & London

A growing Swedish telemarketing company...
"Our accountants in Varberg have been instrumental in growing our telemarketing business in Sweden and through INPACT to other parts of Scandinavia. In close co-operation with the Danish member firm they have recently helped us set-up in Copenhagen. And knowing that both firms are there to provide ongoing support is very reassuring. Bengt Lindgren, Terv HB, Varberg & Copenhagen A crop protection and plant biotechnology company... "With a presence in over 70 countries, our company needs professional advice from an organisation capable of finding solutions to queries from all over the world. As our fiscal advisers belong to INPACT we can be sure of such an international service…"

"Access to other INPACT member firms world-wide helps us to provide enhanced professional services especially to foreign companies looking to invest in the US."
Ronald Altman, INPACT member firm, NYC

You might be living or working abroad and require personal tax and other financial advice. Or perhaps you wish to buy property in another country - for personal use or investment purposes - or to invest funds abroad

An individual with a multi million pound estate looking to emigrate...
"With the help of INPACT colleagues in Australia and Singapore the various alternatives for lifetime transfers were investigated and the most tax effective structures were established, enabling them to be reunited with their family, secure in the knowledge that their assets were protected and exploited to full advantage." Tony Golding, INPACT member firm, Plymouth, UK

Wherever they are, the partners of INPACT member firms understand your needs, having frequently established and built up their own practices. An astute commercial understanding shared across the group ensures that INPACT member firms provide an added value service to clients, at home and abroad.

Is there a typical INPACT member firm client?

Clients come from diverse backgrounds but many are owner managed businesses, corporations or professional firms or individuals seeking tax and other financial advice.You might be a company expanding internationally, seeking local accountancy, tax and project planning advice and ongoing support...

A road haulage company looking to expand European operations...
"Having access to accountancy firms in Turin, London and Paris who are used to working together and could advise from both an international and local perspective has made all the difference in expanding my business abroad. A co-ordinated approach meant that the most advantageous tax and fiscal arrangements were reached and they were even able to help with other aspects such as personnel recruitment and ensure compliance with local transport regulations."
Ivano Lavina, Formica Trasporte s.r.l., Turin

You might be an individual or enterprise seeking opportunities for cross-border acquisitions or mergers

A London wine merchant looking to improve their source of supplies...
"The INPACT member firm in Paris were able to review the accounts of the potential acquisition, ensure the deeds were in order and even negotiate with the vendor on our behalf. Having somebody on the ground to oversee the transaction was a real advantage, the acquisition was secured and our future supplies assured."
Robert Rolls, Robert Rolls & Co., London

You may run a business with cross border activities and be seeking highly responsive accountancy services in a number of countries

A European ferry company...
"While on location at our Santander subsidiary, our local accountancy firm were able to resolve a query about Spanish Company Law and Accounting disclosures by calling their INPACT colleagues in Madrid. Their immediate response saved time and energy, making for an effective and purposeful visit."
Stephen Shaw, Finance Director, Brittany Ferries, Plymouth, UK