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The table below gives the amount of duty payable on certain documents. Any contracts relating to assets situated outside Cyprus or business matters that take place outside Cyprus are exempt from stamp duty.

Transactions during reorganizations are also exempt.

Nature of document
Receipt - for sums of €3,42 to €34,17 3 cents
Receipt - for sums over €34,17 7 cents
Cheque 5 cents
Letter of credit 1,71
Letter of guarantee 3,42
Bill of exchange 85 cents
Contract - up to €170.860 1,5 per thousand
Contract - over €170.860 2 per thousand
Contract - without fixed sum 34,17

As from 14 August 2008 stamp duty on contracts has been capped at a maximum of €17.086

Customer declaration document 17,10 - €34,17
Bill of lading 3,42
Charter party 17,09
Power of attorney - general 5,13
Power of attorney - limited 1,71
Certified copy of contracts and documents 1,71
Will 1,10
Estate administration document 8,50
Registrar of Companies fees
Incorporation of a limited liability company
102,52 plus 0.6 %
Capital Duty on authorized share capital
share capital Increase in the share capital of a private company
0,6 percent on the
Additional amount of the increase
Filing of Annual Return